Lake County joining heroin fight with anti-overdose drug

Daily Herald Heroin Cover JUly 25, 2014It’s time to erase the common stereotype of a heroin abuser as a person lurking stoned in a dark alley with a dirty needle sticking out of an arm, Lake County health care and law enforcement leaders say.

Instead, according to members of the Lake County Opioid Initiative, the new heroin abuser is a person who looks, acts, walks and talks just like everyone else. Abusers are people in middle-class and affluent neighborhoods, teens going to high school or college, and people you may work with daily at your job.

“It’s not the guy in the alley anymore. It’s our kids,” Lake County Undersheriff Raymond Rose said Thursday at a monthly Lake County Opioid Initiative meeting. “The days of that stereotype are over. Our kids are at risk, and that has to change.”

The Lake County Opioid Initiative was created two years ago as a task force to not only educate the public but curb the rise in opioid-related deaths throughout Lake County.

From the July 25th, 2014 Daily Herald. For the rest of the article go here…


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