County Leaders Recognize Local First Responders for Saving Lives with Opioid Reversal Drug


The Lake County Board recently recognized four Deerfield Police Officers who were the among the very first responders to administer the life-saving drug Naxolone in Lake County, saving the life of a resident who overdosed on heroin. The Board Chairman presented the four officers with proclamations for their outstanding public service, and “A Life Is Saved Award” on behalf of the Executive Justice Council of Lake County. Also, deputies with Lake County Sheriff’s Office recently saved another life after using the emergency injection in the field, saving a total two lives from overdoses. The Health Department has trained 90 police officers to use Naloxone and is putting the drug in the hands of officers (secured with a $1.4 million donation). Lake County is a member of the Lake County Opioid Initiative and is working with partners to combat the growing abuse of opioids. To learn more, visit the Lake County Opioid Initiative website.


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