NEWS-SUN: Two-time heroin overdose survivor now helps others


Twice as a teenager, Chris Reed woke up gasping for air after being chemically revived from overdoses involving heroin.

The second close call shook Reed out of his descent into alcohol and drug addiction. Now 24, the McHenry County resident has children, a regular job and runs an addiction recovery program and a sober bar.

Without naloxone, a counter-acting agent that reverses the effects of opioid overdoses, it’s unlikely this happy chapter in Reed’s life would have been possible.

Reed, in fact, says he would be dead if he had not been injected with the life-saving drug. Looking back on those haunting moments, Reed said he can’t remember slipping out of consciousness. “You don’t know it, you just kind of pass out. When you are overdosing you are not aware of anything,” Reed said.

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