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7 responses to “Get Involved

  1. I’d like to see a calendar on the Events tab to show when the meetings are scheduled.

  2. Frank Massey

    I wish your group, I have been to some of your meeting. I also wish to receive your newletter

  3. Fines is reaching out to volunteer and help raise awareness.

  4. Dr. K. Malik, MD

    I’ve served in Hospital & Healthcare leadership my entire career in various roles ranging from Chairman of Emergency Medicine to CMO. This has enabled me to battle this epidemic both clinically & academically from the trenches to the board rooms of legislation. Look forward to hearing back from you and joining you in this crisis of our time.
    Dr. Malik

    K. Malik, MD, MS, FAAEM
    Meridian Emergency Consulting MD LLC
    (847) 417-8306

  5. Please include us as a partner, you all do a great job! Thank you! Brightside clinic Kenji, Phil and John

  6. Tiffany Caliendo

    I recently started with Treatment Management Company and will be helping individuals and their families find the best treatment to guide them on the path of recovery, I would love to get more involved with this great organization, please advise the best ways to get involved and offer assistance!

  7. Hello me as well as the company I work for Never Alone Recovery are interested in becoming more involved with events that have to do with substance abuse and recovery. Can you send me information or any events that are going to be going on this year that we could possibly get involved with?

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