Addiction Treatment Services for Lake County and Surrounding Counties

Addiction Treatment Services for Lake County and Surrounding Counties (En Espanol)


6 responses to “Resources

  1. what you have done is nothing short of amazing. Are you willing to share information on how you got stared, how you gained such wide spread support and what steps we in MN could take to start building momentum behind a like goal?

  2. HI, I am one of the school nurses in Waukegan, I would like to know how to get new Naloxone…ours has expired. Thanks!

  3. Maria Gardner

    Hi, I am looking for a needle exchange program with Lake County IL. Nearest ones I could find are all the way in Chicago and Wisconsin. Thanks!

  4. Hi, are there any support groups for parents/families of opiod addicts in northwest Lake County (Lake Villa area)? If not, can one be started? I’d be willing to help start one…

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  6. You need to update your Addiction Treatment Services above- Kiva in Vernon Hills doesn’t even exist anymore.

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